Cogg’s Puzzling Puzzles 28 May, 2024 / 0 comments

During Mojo’s Monthly Metrics Meeting, Zaarin presented some unexpected data. Numbers show that Mojo’s most-visited page is our September 2022 article, “The Secret of Cogg Island.” Hearing the news, the CEO raised an eyebrow and gave a slight nod, which said it all: More Cogg Island content was needed. And so, we have added a second page to the article called “Puzzling Puzzles.” In it, we take a short look at what likely was the location’s five main puzzles: “Symbol Puzzle,” “Clock Puzzle,” “Compass Puzzle,” “Oar Puzzle,” and “Cannon Puzzle.”

While our findings weren’t plentiful, there’s enough fodder there for at least a decade or two of speculations. So, go read unless you’re a complete butt.


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