Chuck Jordan feels like there are some things sugar don't go on 16 Apr, 2013 / 1 comment

I don't know, felt like a good headline. Here are Chuck Jordan's feelings on the closure of LucasArts from his blog. It's a pointed and honest reflection on LEC's legacy from an ex-employee's perspective that somewhat takes to task the gushing sentiments around the web. What do you think?

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    SurplusGamer on 16 Apr, 2013, 16:25…
    I've left a more detailed comment on the blog (once it gets moderated) but basically...

    I think this is interesting and I wish we'd had it before we recorded the podcast. I'm sure we have a kind of romanticized view of the 'old days' but I do think maybe he doesn't give us enough credit. The thing I think a lot of us loved about LEC is that there was a time when there would always be something totally new cooking, so it was exciting to wonder what would be next.

    Sure, we love the classics, and a large number pine for sequels (and I won't lie, I'd be all over a sequel to one of the classics, obviously) but I think what we really loved, the thing that made us build sites and fan communities around this one company is that we knew we could rely on them to surprise and delight us. And while it hasn't been that way for a while, I think it's THAT that we're keen to remember now. It's not being stuck in the past, it's remembering this company that would always make us look forward to the future.

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