Campo Santo files DMCA-takedown against racist game-streamer 11 Sep, 2017 / 3 comments

Sean Vanaman -- a.k.a. one of the non-Mojo people behind Campo Santo -- made the announcement on Twitter yesterday, as a result of YouTube star PewLePepe's repeated use of racial slurs while playing video games on his channel. You know. Like one apparently does...

The gist of the filing is that Pew has to remove any and all Firewatch content from the channel (apparently the largest one on the site). Gamergate's finest has not surprisingly come crawling out of the woodwork, each and every one of them a self-proclaimed law expert, screaming "fair use" without having a lick of an idea of what that actually is.

If you're in need of raising your blood pressure we recommend reading the subsequent shitstorm, but really, don't do that.

Our sincerest kudos to Campo Santo for refusing to be associated in any way with this sad little boy.



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    J0j0 on 12 Sep, 2017, 10:23…
    Hello!! This is my first post here on this wonderful site, but unfortunately in an inappropriate post.
    This an old video with Michael Land and Clint Bajakian talking about game audio and the glory Lucasarts days. I didn't know where else to post it. It is an interesting interview for all the fans out there!
    Here is the link:
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    Kolzig on 12 Sep, 2017, 08:32…
    So happy that Sean did this.

    Also can't wait for Campo Santo's next game. These guys are magical.
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    AlfredJ on 11 Sep, 2017, 22:58…
    Good on Vanaman/Campo Santo to do this. They must have known what the predictable response would be from certain parts of the internet (someone told me Firewatch is suddenly getting slammed by bad reviews on Steam for example, but I was enjoying my day too much to check for myself), so doing this takes balls. It's a weird thing to get punished for standing up against racism, but I guess that's how the internet works now. But they did the right thing, and that's the only thing that matters. I'm too old and tired to care about or engage with angry kids myself (I hope they're kids because the alternative paints a picture of a life that's too depressing for me).

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