Byssan Lull 23 Sep, 2009, 08:36 / 8 comments

Lucidity doesn't just look impressive, it also is sounding really good, if this soundclip is anything to go by. The theme is composed -- or re-imagined as it is -- by Jesse Harlin, who of course got quite a bit of attention for his excellent work on The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition.

Oh, and the lyrics are in Swedish. Although it sounds suspiciously like they're being sung by a Norwegian pretending to being a Swede.


Update by Zaarin: Jesse Harlin has updated the blog again with another piece, “Carte d’Etoile” (or “Star Map” in English) which will play on the map screen of the game. He's also uploaded the sheet music to the piece and suggests that anyone who can play the piano should record themselves playing it and send them a link. Now go tickle those ivories!


  • fajerkaos on 23 Sep, 2009, 17:37…
    Count me in on the mother sang me this as a kid, bunch.

    Guess I'm not going to be able to play this with sounds on.
  • ocki on 21 Sep, 2009, 21:17…
    Wow.. I just got a mental flashback from my childhood. My mother sang this song for me every night!

    Awesome! ...and a little creepy!
  • Zaarin on 21 Sep, 2009, 21:15…
    Some classic Evert Taube, there!
  • nevil on 22 Sep, 2009, 08:07…
    Evert Taube might have recorded it but he is not the author. It is a traditional song originally.
  • BillieJoe86 on 22 Sep, 2009, 00:58…
    Was the first one a song by Evert Taube?
    Btw, the second cue is nice.
  • Bagge on 21 Sep, 2009, 21:08…
    My mother used to sing this song to me when I was a kid.
  • BillieJoe86 on 21 Sep, 2009, 20:37…
    Jesse is very, very good. He proved his talent in both the Republic Commando and The Force Unleashed themes. Still, his work in Monkey Island Special Edition was not THAT good IMHO. The sountrack for CMI, probably with less recorded instruments, sounded way better. His job as a producer was really good, but maybe he could have done some better arrangements and looked for a better direction regarding the main theme, considering the possibilities. A game based in the Caribbean, with that beautiful (and appropriate) calypso music and reggaeish arrangements deserved more of that, not some north-andean flutes. I know that many of you were just happy to hear a brand new version, but it's really not that good of an evolution.
    I don't want to criticise Jesse, his work is amazing and I look up to him, but his work in SMI:SE is overrated, specially regarding the opening theme.
    Regarding Lucidity, I believe that wheather I like the theme or not, the direction is very accurate, and therefore it's a very good job. It also keeps my interest in the mysterious Lucidity!
  • Thrik on 22 Sep, 2009, 09:49…
    Is he overrated? I don't think I've really seen many people going crazy over the Special Edition music, although the consensus definitely seems to be that it's good.