Brim Stone Beach Club 29 May, 2002, 18:26 / 3 comments

With all the E3 madness this news post is a little late but last Sunday, a new hosted site opened its doors... The Brim Stone Beach Club. This is the first hosted site of Mojo network site The SCUMM Bar and you guessed it, is about Monkey Island. :) To join the club you need to submit 5 pieces of fan art and then you and your webpage get placed on the members list. The site is currently running a wallpaper competition to win a copy of The Curse of Monkey Island (tm) so make sure to check it out.


  • mymipage on 01 Jun, 2002, 11:47…
    Thanks for the post :)
  • Huz on 30 May, 2002, 04:38…
    I'm sure we'll be seeing your amazing artwork in due course, DJG! ;)
  • DJG on 30 May, 2002, 16:58…
    Too much inner peace can be a bad thing, Huz!