Bounty Hunter: First Reviews 02 Dec, 2002, 16:46 / 4 comments

With the Playstation 2 version of Star Wars Bounty Hunter now in stores, we've assembled some of the reviews for you:All reviews recognize the game for having a good story and amazing cutscenes animated by ILM. The main complaints thus far seem to be technical issues like AI problems and camera placement.

GameSpot also mentions that the game suffers from confusing level design and some tedious gameplay. With the reviews being mixed at this point, we'll just have to wait and play it ourselves.

The Gamecube version of Bounty Hunter will be in stores around December 5th.


  • spaff on 04 Dec, 2002, 10:30…
    the game is ok.. the level design is rather confusing and pretty lame. the gameplay isnt that involving, but its a good little shoot em up with some fun play.... i played it for a few hours and wasnt too bored :)
  • telarium on 04 Dec, 2002, 12:03…
    This Spaff Mini Review has been brought to you by Juicy Fruit?! Gotta Have Sweet, Gotta Have Juicy Fruit?.
  • RaptorII on 03 Dec, 2002, 18:55…
    I don't like GameSpot even more than I don't like IGN, and my tolerance for IGN fluxes between minor dislike and hate. I never just tolerate GameSpot.

    Personally, I will be shocked if none of them bitch about the voice acting.

    Also, remember 8.2/10 = 82%, 4/5 = 80%, so, maybe GameSpot just, uh... doesn't get it..

    [Edit] Okay, so GS didn't bitch about the voice acting, but they ripped on the rest of the sound..

    Now mind you, the average reader reviews there, are... guess what... 8.1. Oh yeah..

    I think there might be a pattern here people..

    [Edit] Forgot about the BR tag fun when editing.
  • Lemort on 03 Dec, 2002, 06:18…
    What, Lucasarts' in-house development have made a Star Wars console game that sucks?

    What a shock!