Blood Island goes big 22 Jul, 2005, 13:12 / 4 comments

One hosted site we haven't done a good enough job pimping is The Blood Island Project, Goblin's rather impressive site dedicated to the classic Curse of Monkey Island location.

Not only is the site filled with some stunning 3d images, you also get 2d art and some of the more impressive fan music I've heard in a while.

In other words, go check out the all new Blood Island now - it's pretty cool.


  • drunkymonkey on 25 Jul, 2005, 14:24…
    Really nice site, when Lucas Arts say they had a lack of fans, they forgot how good their fans were.
  • Rum Rogers on 23 Jul, 2005, 07:23…
    This stuff is great, I'm breathless!
  • Gabez on 22 Jul, 2005, 14:26…
    Amazing artwork and "Good morning Morning Blood Island" is simply beatiful... I'm loving this site.
  • Scummbuddy on 22 Jul, 2005, 14:21…
    I have been seriously waiting for this return.