Blood Island ElGrande Reopens 25 Feb, 2010, 20:17 / 4 comments

You may remember a web-site called "Blood Island El Grande" from the days of Internet yore. This was a site that recreated the locations from Blood Island (from The Curse of Monkey Island) in stunning and exciting 3D.

Well, it's back!

Not only has it got everything it had before, but now it also has new images from Blood Island locations, and the promise of further art to come.

I can also recommend the 2D art and the music, which has been brought to you (along with the rest of the site) by Goblin, the creator of our winning podcast jingle.


  • Pandora bracelets on 02 Apr, 2010, 01:33…
  • Sp0tted on 25 Feb, 2010, 23:27…
    Whatever happened to Paco?
  • Junaid on 26 Feb, 2010, 03:49…
    This: l)
  • Udvarnoky on 25 Feb, 2010, 23:23…
    Excellent that this fan project is continuing - the work was always superb. Now the same needs to happen for Paco's comic adaptation of the first game.