BillyCheers does the lord’s work, releases a fan-mixed Return to Monkey Island soundtrack 09 Nov, 2022 / 2 comments

Sometimes, the DIY spirit benefits us all. While waiting for an official OST, BillyCheers said enough is enough and released his own mix of the Return to Monkey Island tracks. You can download them from Google Drive.

Listening through the “Suites” version of the soundtrack—the complete score is also available—I gotta say . . . the three guys did a pretty OK job with the music. It’s almost like they knew what they were doing.

I wouldn’t be against a vinyl version of the OST, so, y’know, if anyone with some clout is reading this . . .



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    LGH on 09 Nov, 2022, 21:14…
    Oh, and while we're speaking of music: I've lately discovered these great live arrangements of Monkey Island music on YouTube:


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    LGH on 09 Nov, 2022, 20:26…
    Fantastic, really great work with the suites (and also with the naming of the complete soundtrack).

    But I've still moved a few files around, before I've put together my perfect, personal Return Soundtrack now:

    1. I've taken BillyCheers' folder with the complete soundtrack as a base, since the tracks are named so perfectly, and the numbering puts them in the correct oreder.

    2. Then I've integrated BillyCheers' suites into this folder, but deleted the corresponding short audioclips. For example; I've deleted the single Big Whoop files from 2-02 to 2-06, and took the Big Whoop suite instead. To have it in the correct order of the complete soundtrack, I've renamed the suite to "2-02 Big Whoop". So my list now jumps from "2-02 Big Whoop" (whish is the suite) to "2-07 Story Time", but that's fine. So these two steps allowed me to have a soundtrack that contains both the longer suites where available, but also the short clips where no suite was availablee (like Story Time, Mêlée Forst, The Journey Begins, etc.)

    3. And finally, I've replaced some clips from BillyCheers' folder with the tracks from Mojo's download link of the 3rd of October:
    - Instead of the 5-12 to 5-15 (Map Reveal, No teamwork, Guybrush down, new hope), I used Map-Reveal_ASFX_Mix_v8 from mojo, which already contained all these together in one larger clip
    - Instead of 8-01 to 8-10 End credits, I used EndCredits_02b from Mojo which contained the complete end credits in one mix.

    And now I have my perfect soundtrack exactly how it makes me happy :-)

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