Bill Farmer remembers Sam & Max, still sounds exactly the same 08 Dec, 2023 / 1 comment

By now you should recognize Cressup as the UK task force in this internationally bustling Interviewing Adventure Game Adjacent Humans For A Long Time genre. She has notched another great interview, this time with voice actor Bill Farmer. Best known generally as the voice of Goofy for Disney, Farmer is most treasured by us as the original voice of Sam in the multimedia debut of Steve Purcell’s characters, Sam & Max Hit the Road. It stands as the only published instance of Farmer voicing the character, though as we all know he was reprising his role in LucasArts’ ill-fated sequel before the assassin’s bullet found its mark.

Farmer discusses both of his Sam & Max experiences as well as his broader career in the enjoyable conversation, available in full below. We're above giving Cressup any grief over the misleading choice to put the Telltale/Skunkape version of Sam's model in her video's preview image, so that's why I'm not even gonna bring it up.


Source: Cressup


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    Jennifer on 10 Dec, 2023, 08:24…
    He also does his Sam voice as Detective Date in the English dubs for Yakuza in 2005 and Yakuza: Like a Dragon in 2020.

    It has that classic noir detective vibe that works well for both characters.

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