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Benzo hosts software relevant to you

06 Mar, 2017, 03:00 | Posted by: Remi

SCUMM Revisited, AFL2PCX, SCUMM Costume Viewer… If you know what those are, you know what they are, and if you don’t, well… Benzo’s The Vault will help you find out.

For those in the former group, look… We will get hosted * sites back up again, but there are also other important things to do, too. Like watching TV. So for now, if you are interested in hacking old LEC games, The Vault will have you covered.

Even EMI Song Ripper—largely considered the sexiest software ever written—is there!

What does everyone else think about this?

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    Comment by: counting_pine | Posted 25 Mar, 2017, 22:28 | Quote
    I posted a link to some old SCUMM downloads on my HDD some time ago. It's probably mostly overlap, but possibly some additional ones. I'm not sure I see anything from TobyBear in his list.
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    Comment by: Bloodnose | Posted 11 Mar, 2017, 20:20 | Quote
    Hooray! I loved playing around with these programs back in the day...even though I'm not a game designer or anything like that, it was always fun poking around and getting a "behind the scenes" look at how the games were put together :)
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    Comment by: Jones Jr | Posted 07 Mar, 2017, 23:09 | Quote


    Wonderful! These tools deserve to be preserved!

    They belong in a museum!
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    Comment by: ThunderPeel2001 | Posted 07 Mar, 2017, 18:18 | Quote
    Wonderful! These tools deserve to be preserved!

    There may be a few others that we developed for GF Deluxe, that might be worth preserving, too:

    I wish someone would write an ultimate version of Scumm Revisited that covered all the 2D games.
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    Comment by: bgbennyboy | Posted 06 Mar, 2017, 18:28 | Quote
    Rumour has it that John Carmack left ID software when he looked at EMI Song Ripper and realised he could never compete. All this Oculus VR stuff is just displacement activity
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    Comment by: Nor Treblig | Posted 06 Mar, 2017, 09:05 | Quote
    That's great!
    I just recently had to track down all SCUMM Revisited versions I could find to get the one which could access the data I wanted.

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