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BTTF Episode 1 free with Blu-Ray movies

14 Oct, 2010, 22:58 | Posted by: jp-30 | Source: The HD Room
According to The HD Room, who have a copy of the Back To The Future 25th Anniversary set...

If you've heard about the upcoming Back to the Future video game and are anxious to take it for a spin then you're in luck. Included in this set is a small promo sheet that includes a unique code to download - for free - the first of five episodes of Telltale Games' Back to the Future game for PC or Mac.

Does that mean the game will be available from October 26th?

(There's a picture of the flyer with the coupon code here)

Edit: From Alan at Telltale: "This free episode of Back to the Future offer is completely separate from the availability of the game itself. The free episode offer will go into effect only once the game is available... The offer is also not indicative of when the game's release date is at all."

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