Autonomous Expanded For Free Leap Motion Release 19 Nov, 2013 / 2 comments

Autonomous, the Lee Petty designed retro-futuristic sandbox robot game that appeared in Amnesia Fortnight 2012, has now been adapted and expanded for Windows, exclusively for the Leap Motion controller.

This new version of the game has many changes over its Amnesia Fortnight 2012 predecessor. In addition to the motion control, the game now has:

  • multiple levels! Once the player has met the energy goal for the current level, they must battle their way to a transmission center where they are teleported to new levels—each with a distinct look and procedurally placed robot parts, automatons and energy sources.
  • Sky Map: A holographic map of the level is projected into the sky, allowing the player to quickly find energy sources, friendly and enemy automatons and other important structures.
  • Hunter-Killstar: The player’s presence no longer goes undetected. Automatons known as HUNTER-KILLSTARS are periodically transmitted into the world, designed specifically to hunt down and destroy the player. As time ticks on and the levels progress avoiding and defeating them becomes more and more challenging.

  • It's available now for free for Windows for the Leap Motion controller.

    Source: Double Fine Action News



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      AlfredJ on 22 Nov, 2013, 12:33…
      I love Double Fine, but they keep making these odd little games for devices I'll never own. Still fun that it exists though. At least this seems like something that might be adapted for mouse/keyboard-controls at one point, unlike Dropchord and the Kinect stuff.
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      Kolzig on 19 Nov, 2013, 05:52…
      Looks quite Double Fine style crazy fun.

      Shame it's only for Leap Motion, so this means it won't be experienced by that many since Leap Motion looks to be just a niche product.

      But, it looks to be a great demo for Leap Motion.

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