Ask me about SWGalaxies.NET 03 Nov, 2002, 10:25 / 3 comments

Like the whole MMORPG scene? It seems that network site was named the Exceptional Fan Site of the Month by the November Issue of the official Star Wars Galaxies Newsletter. (deep breath)

The staff at has been adding a steady flow of content as they await the launch of Galaxies. If you are interesting in getting involved with the community early on, there are several opportunities available including the Player Association system, site registration, and the Community forums. If you are already a member of LucasForums via this web site, you are already registered!

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  • Jake on 04 Nov, 2002, 04:16…
    [ Plug Site (Smiley Emoticon) ]
  • ZeroXcape on 04 Nov, 2002, 14:16…
    Emoticon abuse.
  • spaff on 05 Nov, 2002, 02:31…
    [visit the house of wax]
    erm.. i dont know why.