"Ask Tim Schafer Anything" Answers 05 Mar, 2012 / 2 comments

Reddit's "Ask Tim Schafer Anything" event has come and gone, but the answers to the questions are still there to read.

Double Fine has also posted up 10 videos where Tim responds to the questions, which cover both his LucasArts games and his Double Fine games, as well as those games at Double Fine which were led by others.

Find out what adventure games inspired Tim Schafer's career, what Tim Schafer's favorite puzzles are in his games, how Tim felt about the sales of his LucasArts games, what didn't end up in the games he made, how he felt about Sierra, and much more.

See the answers for yourself in video form right here and even more answers in text form here.


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    Jones Jr on 06 Mar, 2012, 22:31…
    On a related, but unrelated matter...
    If there was a question to Tim about when is Stacking being released to PC he could answer with:
    It already is! :)
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    Remi on 05 Mar, 2012, 18:23…
    Watching those videos seems a bit easier than trying to go through nearly 3,000 Reddit comments.

    (Although his Norwegian pancake answer on the site is entirely correct!)

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