As Monkey Island turns 30, the internet turns bearable 01 Oct, 2020 / 2 comments

It’s looking to be a big month for Monkey Island, which is marking its 30th anniversary. Whatever Limited Run Games has in store with their box set should be unveiled imminently, and a faucet of retrospectives is evidently opening for the occasion as well -- The Guardian published a courtly little piece in celebration, and Wireframe Magazine has a feature devoted to the series in its latest issue.

I would also encourage everyone to keep their eye on Craig Derrick’s Twitter feed. Just today he posted a photo of what looks to be the original acetate layers for the Secret of Monkey Island box:

More is no doubt to come, and if this was 2003 we’d probably be the best place to keep up with it all.


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    FaNaTiC on 03 Oct, 2020, 03:51…
    Happy Anniversary!
    But also, not sure if it's just me - but when I click this photo it opens very distorted. It only becomes less distorted if I put my browser to full-screen. (but still some distortion).

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    OzzieMonkey on 02 Oct, 2020, 02:14…
    Happy Birthday Monkey Island! I'm marathoning the series again, just finished the Ultimate Talkie Edition of Secret. Interesting that the Wireframe article has revealed that Bill tiller is repainting CMI backgrounds to convince Disney to make an HD remaster. I hope that happens, I've been dying to see that game get the remake treatment since the Special Editions. Craig Derrick's teasing is driving me mad, I hope whatever it is delivers.

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