Armed & Dangerous Developer Diary 21 Nov, 2003, 21:02 / 1 comment

GameSpot has run part three of their continuing developer diary series for Armed & Dangerous. This week's entry talks about the amount of work that goes into each bit of a game, and tracks one line of dialogue from it's inception in a bar one night to it's fully post-processed appearance in the game.
Honestly, now that I've made a game, I am convinced it's impossible. ... Making games is like the Road Runner cartoons. When Wile E. Coyote runs off a cliff and doesn't fall because he hasn't realized it's impossible for him to run in midair, he's a video game developer. As long as you don't look down and realize you're doomed to fall, you can keep running.
You can find part 1 of the diary here, and part two here. Note that part 2 is written by official captain of awesome (and official Armed & Dangerous complainer), Dan Pettit.


  • Marek on 22 Nov, 2003, 10:54…
    That quote is absolutely genius.