Another month, another cavalcade of Thimbleweed Park previews 21 May, 2016 / 0 comments

It's easy to forget that Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick's retro adventure game and fated masterpiece Thimbleweed Park is less than a year from release. We haven't been particularly good about keeping on top of the coverage, but our laziness isn't the only factor - the game's really been getting around lately.

Still, it's mostly the laziness thing, so to make amends for being lax in our duties, here's a handy compilation of just a few of the previews from the past two months:

-Hands-on Preview + Interview: Thimbleweed Park and Ron Gilbert
-How Thimbleweed Park recreates the glory days of graphic adventure games
-Thimbleweed Park Is the Adventure of 'A Total A**hole'
-PAX East 2015 Preview: 'Thimbleweed Park'
-How Thimbleweed Park updates classic adventure games for a modern audience
-Ron Gilbert on Thimbleweed Park, what made adventure games great, and VR skepticism
-Hands-on: Thimbleweed Park is like a long-lost LucasArts adventure for the modern era
-Thimbleweed Park preview: Welcome Home
-If Ron Gilbert made Twin Peaks, it would be Thimbleweed Park
-‘Thimbleweed Park’ Is A Fantastic-Looking Mashup Of ‘The X-Files’ And ‘Maniac Mansion’

Those oughta hold you for awhile.

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