Angry Birds Star Wars Gameplay Trailer Released 05 Nov, 2012 / 3 comments

It seems LucasArts will have their name on a game release this year after all (not counting Kinect Star Wars as a game). Three days to go!

Source: MTV Multiplayer



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    Shmargin on 07 Nov, 2012, 14:27…
    Its probably going to be my favorite Star Wars game of recent times. I still dont see why people here are eager to hate. Lucas could let it rot away like their other brands.
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    MKZY on 06 Nov, 2012, 20:15…
    I can't wait!
    And that "May the bird be with you" part in the end made me laugh out loud!! I've never heard that movie quote being used in a funny way before.. haha, hilarious!
    Happy to see that Lucas Arts have lots of dignity and veneration for their brand. I'm sure Disney will mess everything up though.

    Anyway, already looking for the sequel: StarWars Angry Fans
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    Rum Rogers on 06 Nov, 2012, 12:18…

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