"AndyWinXP doing the lord’s work" 12 Aug, 2021 / 4 comments

(Quoth the Benzo.)

Some of you may remember the cannon shoot-out scene at the beginning of The Curse of Monkey Island on a sliding scale of enthusiasm. Those of you on the :D end of said spectrum may also remember that the farthest turret cannot be destroyed when playing the sequence in ScummVM. Well, fret no more! According to Andy over at GitHub:

Turns out that while Full Throttle (and I believe every previous SCUMM game) indeed did what ScummVM already does when checking for object coordinates, The Dig and COMI use the ’>=’ operator in place of ’>’.

And so he fixed it – the magic that one pixel can do.

I have no idea if it actually will be part of a ScummVM release or not, because good god, it’s GitHub, and I can’t spend the precious few moments of my life reading through it. But there it is! Sound off in the comments about everything I surely missed.


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    AndywinXp on 14 Aug, 2021, 14:08…
    Why am I here lol
    Jokes aside, there are more SCUMM 7/8 related improvements on the line (by me and also other developers more experienced and clever than me) which unfortunately won't be in the next version (the master branch is on feature freeze as we approach the release testing period), but yeah, some accuracy fixes here and there and a complete rewrite of DiMUSE for The Dig and COMI (whenever I bring myself to actually do it...)
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    Thrik on 13 Aug, 2021, 03:27…
    Fantastic. It’s interesting that while ScummVM now seems to support every game on the planet, the fixed staple of games that are its raison d’être is still somewhat lacking even 20 years later!
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    Huz on 12 Aug, 2021, 20:36…
    AndyWinXP for president.
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 12 Aug, 2021, 19:22…
    The changes were merged, so yes it's now part of ScummVM.

    In other news, another smart fellow has been fixing bugs in the CD-ROM version of Monkey Island 1. Turns out that whoever did that update introduced a ton of weird bugs that are only slowly now being fixed.

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