And somewhere in the remote islands of Alaska, Jim Ward sits alone, crying bitter, Force-powered tears, realising we don't miss him 03 Jun, 2009, 15:44 / 3 comments

So ever since LucasArts flashed the Monkey card and sent us down on our knees, and smiled as we proclaimed/begged forgiveness for almost every atrocity of the last nine years, and now that the make-up sex has happened, you may be wondering what the future may be holding for you. Well, developmag have nailed an interview with Darrell Rodriguez, current President of LucasArts, which should clear things up a little.

Knock yourself out.


  • jp-30 on 03 Jun, 2009, 20:35…
    Those older IPs would seem like a perfect fit for DS, too – is that under consideration?
    We're always looking for more ways to deliver our titles to audiences, so you never know! As of now, we've only announced Monkey Island for the PC and Xbox. It might pop up other places too though so stay tuned!

    Wiiware, pleeeease. :)
  • clone2727 on 03 Jun, 2009, 23:16…
  • Udvarnoky on 04 Jun, 2009, 00:22…
    Yeah. The DS idea sounds like a good in theory just because of the stylus, but in practice I don't see it coming off as that great with such small screen size. If there's an official port for the SCUMM games and it can only be for one platform, it's pretty clearly the Wii.