A.K.A. 28 Sep, 2009, 16:05 / 5 comments

Attractive Anchovy
Beautiful Barracuda
Comely Catfish
Dazzling Dogfish
Enchanting Eel
Fair Flounder
Gorgeous Goldfish
Handsome Halibut
Ideal Ide
Jewel-like Jawfish
Killer Kelp
Lovely Lamprey
Magnificent Marlin
Nice Noodlefish
Ode-worthy Oarfish
Pretty Perch
Quaint Quillback
Radiant Razorfish
Seemly Salmon
Tantalizing Trout
Unblemished Unicornfish
Voluptuous Viperfish
Winsome Whiting
XXX X-Ray Tetra
Youthful Yellowtail
Zit-free Zebrafish


  • jp-30 on 30 Sep, 2009, 22:43…
    haha! So many sequels!
  • neon_git on 28 Sep, 2009, 17:49…
    Oh I get it, LucasArts have hired Mark Shuttleworth.
  • elTee on 28 Sep, 2009, 18:30…
    Wow, it took four of us on IRC to figure out that cryptic reference!
  • Icebox on 29 Sep, 2009, 11:28…
    I personally can't stand Ubuntu.
  • neon_git on 01 Oct, 2009, 08:32…
    Like any distro, it depends what you want it for. Ubuntu aims to be a user-friendly desktop and if that's what you're looking for it does that very well.

    I wouldn't use it to run a server though.