A Conversation with Denny Delk 13 May, 2023 / 3 comments

No one cares that you’re still digesting the last one -- it’s time to spend an hour with Denny Delk, voice actor extraordinaire best known in these parts as Murray from Monkey Island, Purple Tentacle from Day of the Tentacle, and about a billion others. This guy has helped or hindered Guybrush, Ben, Indy, Bernard, the Freelance Police, and the Rebel Alliance to an extent few other resumes can claim.

This time, Daniel Albu is joined by his collaborator Paul Morgan Stetler, and their interview opens with a helpful bit of background about how this “Conversation with Curtis” series came about in the first place. In the process, the unfortunate implication is made that Paul was exposed to The Secret of Monkey Island through the Special Edition, but power through the pity and enjoy their exploration of the career of Denny Delk.


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    Thrik on 14 May, 2023, 08:25…
    Ah, very good.
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    daniel.albu on 13 May, 2023, 23:17…
    Just one small correction: We didn't play the special edition of The Secret of Monkey Island!

    I would never do that to Paul!
    We played the Ultimate Talkie Version!
    With the CD audio no less!
    (Not the new Special Edition soundtrack)

  • Avatar of the CEO
    Thrik on 13 May, 2023, 20:34…

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