What the Hell is Wrong with LucasArts? A collection of "hate-art"

Some more "hate-art." Mojo's angst-level reached an all time high in 2004.

A chatlog: "Some idiot comes onto IRC and voices their opinion on the recent Sam & Max 2 cancellation news. They actually DEFEND LucasArts. The cheek! Also this guy either worked at LucasArts or was George Bush, because no-one else could be that stupid. "

Another chatlog: "All in a days work for the Gabzo - some guy argues that LucasArts did no wrong with cancelling Sam & Max 2, and Gabzo manages to convert them to the light side! What a great guy! Names have been changed to protect the innocent, or something."

A haiku: Very hateful!

The LEC hate song: By elTee.

LEC Sucks: A song by SurplusGamer.

LEC Killer: Gabez' seminal LEC hate game. (Please don't sue.)