Mojo: 10 Years and Counting Footnotes

In the original, HTML version of this article, Gabez employed footnotes at the bottom of each page. There is no way to preserve this in current Mojo, so we're listing them all here so that they can be preserved in some fashion. Enjoy?

  1. At least, into the Mojo "network." The sites still remained independent in most ways.
  2. I was since told by Spaff that this story isn't actually true, even though I think it might be. However, Spaff did say: "we did leave Chris Remo in the hotel the last time we all went to E3, he didn't answer the door when we knocked or anything so we assumed he had gone."
  3. Again, this story was flatly denied by Spaff, though he did admit that everyone was once late for a Simon Jeffery (the old president of LucasArts) interview and ended up going in without him, leaving him blissfully unaware outside.
  4. See Lamer Files, Vol. V.
  5. Spaff's response to this objection runs thus: "I think that erm, towards the end of my mojo reign I probably lost interest completely and became useless or something. Sorry Remi."
  6. Perhaps in response to these tensions, the site adopted the slogan "Mojo loves you," since gone out of fashion. "Mojo seemed to always treat everyone like a little bitch," recalls Spaff.
  7. This is what I heard, but it was really just a rumour. It's hard to qualify these things. Telarium, the writer of the article had not heard of it, but he did say this: I remember that a couple of months after it was published on Mojo, we met up again with the LucasArts PR folks at a press event and they innocently asked, "Did you like the feature we did about our logo on the 20th anniversary site?" To which our response was something like, "Uhhhh..."
  8. At the time, on IRC: <telarium> It was funny when we talked to Tom [Sarris] about that at the press event. <telarium> Tom was like, "I was thinking that he would never say that." <telarium> And then Tom asked us to leave.
  9. Later on, another money making idea was hatched: a site store!
  10. This, incidentally, is Jake's answer to everything.
  11. The wording of this question may strike some as odd, but, then, as Aslan said: "once a King or Queen of Narnia, always a King or Queen." I'm not sure if the same applies to Mojo, but it probably does.
  12. I can only assume that this is a poetic refference to the Brazilian hacker who disabled the Mojo network, and not just massive racism.