LucasArts' Secret History #3: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Narrative walkthrough

The following narrative will take you “inside Indy's head” as he goes through our Graphic Adventure from start to finish. The path he takes is one of the shortest, and it avoids some of the longer, but less intricate puzzles. Feel free to try some alternate paths. But be sure to save the game before you do. If you do stray from the sequence here, it may be impossible to get back on track without a saved game.


Ah! Back at good old Barnett College. This last adventure was a rough one. Getting the Cross of Coronado has been a lifelong dream of mine. I never did feel good about that incident back in Utah. It'll be good to get into some dry clothes!

Hmm, Marcus wants that translation. Let's see, that was in Coptic, and if I use my translation table for a shortcut – that's it! Here you go Marcus... I've got to change clothes.

The gym is pretty much the same. That boxing coach is warming up again. Perhaps I should go a few rounds with him. Into the locker room to change out of my suit first. And I better have him take it easy on me until I catch my second wind.

That was invigorating! Certainly more fun than dealing with angry students. They do seem to accumulate this time of year. I'll just duck into my office here and... rats! This is where all the kids are! And they're so upset! But I've only been gone two weeks. Oh well, best to calm them down. They certainly take a lot of calming. But eventually I can slip by them, using the old “take names in order” play.

The old office. Quite a few memories stashed away here. And quite a few letters and papers on my desk! I'd better go through them. Some junk mail, papers, letters... what's this? A package from Venice? Why, it's my Dad's Grail Diary! How strange... I haven't heard from him in years. Perhaps I'd better look into it. But those students are cramming my outer office. Better take the window.

Hey! These guys don't look too friendly. Still, they don't seem too dangerous; I think I'll go along and see what they have to say. Oh, a trip into Manhattan. Maybe you guys can let me off for a show – no, I didn't think so.

Walter Donovan! What a surprise! And quite an interesting story too. Dad? He's disappeared? I wonder why he sent me the Diary? I'd better keep that part secret for now; it looks like it'll come in handy.

Now that I'm back at the college, I think I'll take a short trip over to Dad's place. Ransacked! I bet they were looking for the diary. Not much of value here – why, here's that old picture of Dad's trophy. I'll take that for sentimental value. This bookcase looks pretty unstable... hey! It almost hit me when it fell over! And what's that funny lump – boy, this tape must be ten years old at least. Dad always was a sloppy housekeeper.

I wonder if there are any other clues. Whoever did this didn't touch the plant. Or the tablecloth underneath. Why, it's that old chest Dad bought when I was a kid. He lost the key years ago though. Hmm, I wonder – time for a trip back to my office.

I'd better go in through the window. Now where was that jar of solvent? Oh yes. I'll pop this wad of tape in there. Just as I thought, the key! Now it's a quick trip back to Dad's place, to open the chest and find... that old Grail Diary I did with crayon, imitating Dad's. You know, they look pretty similar from the outside. I guess I'll take that along too.

Time to get to the bottom of this. Donovan suggested I head for Venice. I'm glad Marcus agreed to come along. He's concerned about Dad. I guess he's seen a lot more of him than I have, these last few years.


Ah, Venice. The scenery. And the women! Here comes a lovely one! The old Indy charm, and... oh, Dr. Schneider. So this is where Dad disappeared. It looks like Elsa has left me on my own. I'd better look around. These plaques are pretty interesting. Here's a copy of Mein Kampf! I'll take that along. Know thy enemy! And here's a book that describes how to start up a biplane. I always wondered about that.

Say, these stained glass windows look familiar. Yep, here it is in Dad's diary. But it's not quite the same – ah, but the one over here in this room matches. And the other notation – I'll be it refers to the Roman numerals on these columns. I'll try digging up the slab it represents. But I need more leverage. That metal post might do it, after I take the red cordon off. Yes, that did it. Footsteps! That guard doesn't look too happy – better not stop to chat.


Well! This is a cheerful spot. Looks like the storeroom for a production of Macbeth! Or was that Hamlet? I was never interested in modern literature.

I'll just wander around. Here's a fellow that must have been a pirate. He won't be needing that hook anymore. Here's a torch – but the mud is hard and dry. A little further and... why, this chamber is flooded. Not surprising, considering the average Venetian street. I'll continue poking around. Aha! That looks like a manhole cover overhead. I'll just pop up through there and – excuse me! I guess they weren't expecting lunch guests from the sewer. Say, that wine bottle could come in handy. Doesn't want to give it up? Perhaps he's not aware of what he's drinking. The way that girl is eyeing him, I'm not surprised. I'll just read the label to him. Not interested anymore? I thought not. I'll fill it up in the fountain, and head back down to that torch. Just as I thought, the water loosened it just fine. Now, I'll just pull it off the wall, and... whoa! Ouch! I guess I won't be using that bottle again. Let's look around down here. Here's a narrow stone bridge. And some inscriptions on the other side! My specialty. Why, these are the descriptions Donovan told me about. They refer to the accounts in my Dad's diary! But there are two of them. I wonder which is the right one? Oh, well, I'll sleep on that one. Back over that bridge – pretty slippery from that dripping. Aha! I bet that wooden plug is the same as the one in the bottom of that pool above me. Can't quite get a grip – I'll screw in this pirate's hook. That's better. Perhaps I'd better not stand underneath it though. I'll try my whip. Niagara Falls! Time to head back up.

That ladder in the next room brought me right back near the pool. And the pool is empty now! I'll scramble down... whoops! Nothing injured but my dignity. Onward!

This is an odd machine. Pretty decrepit now, but one section still works. I wonder what this other part of it was supposed to do. Say, that red cordon fits pretty snugly. I'll try turning it on again. Success – I think. I wonder what I did when I lowered that chain?

My, these catacombs are interesting. Here are three statues. They look familiar. Right! They're in the diary too. Hmm – certain death. I'd better be careful. Why, these things are linked together somehow. When I turn one, it affects another. This is quite a puzzler. Ah, that's it. There goes the door.

<p>Second level.  Here&#039;s another bridge – good thing it&#039;s lowered.  And that chain looks familiar.  I wonder where I saw it before.</p>
<p>More skulls.  Musical ones!  I&#039;ll see what the diary has to say about this.  Why, it&#039;s a tune to play.  I don&#039;t know much about music, but I bet each line corresponds to a skull.  That was it!  My piano teacher would have been proud.</p>
This third level is quite a maze.  And I keep seeing little glowing eyes in the distance.  Good thing Dad&#039;s not here; he sure hates rats.  I wonder where people get these irrational phobias?  I&#039;m glad I&#039;m a reasonable man.

The tomb! I'll take a look inside. Gruesome! But the shield – it's the marker I'm after. Alexandretta, hmm. Time for a trip to Iskenderun. But it's a long way back. I wonder about this grating. Why, the lock just came apart in my hands! I'll head up.

Back in that good Venice sun.  Marcus, what happened to you?  Dad?  Austria!  I&#039;ll go get him.  Marcus, meet us in Iskenderun.


Well, Elsa, it's time for a little drive. This Castle Brunwald is not very inviting. You wait here, I'll check it out.

Dratted Butler. I could deck him, but I don't know where Dad is. Better to bluff. We're near Salzburg; I'll bet he has some relatives. That's it! Better go to him immediately. Of course I know him – how else would I have found you!

That worked. Now for some sneaking. I'll poke around here. It's a Nazi! But he's drunk. Thanks for the stein! And such useful information. About a dozen of them, led by a Colonel Vogel. “Textbook Nazi”. I might have just the thing for him.

A kitchen! Might as well fill this stein with ale; it could come in handy. Roast boar! I'm not hungry though.

What's over here on the other side of the building... oops! Better brazen it out. I'm here for the prisoner! Out of uniform, yes, but I'll tell him I'm Gestapo. Who was that sadist that terrorized Marion? Deitrich, that was it. Better stay tough with him. Ah, he bought it.

<p>A laundry room.  This servant uniform looks about my size.  Too bad the Nazi uniform is locked up.  I&#039;ll keep an eye out for the key.</p>
<p>This is a big room!  Nice model of a Zeppelin.  I always wanted to fly in one of those.  Nice suit of armor – whoops!  I hope that carpet wasn&#039;t valuable.  Better move on.</p>
<p>Oh, hello there.  Like my jacket, do you?  I&#039;d better not name too outrageous a price.  That&#039;ll be a cash in advance!  Hey, this could be fun... and profitable!</p>
<p>Up the stairs.  Here&#039;s a little room.  Nothing interesting here, but a good place to change into this servant uniform.  Another guard.  Perhaps he&#039;d like this painting?  Yes!  That was handy.  And no wonder; look at this artwork! But this Mona Lisa is a poor reproduction.  And it moves!  I wonder what&#039;s in the vault?</p>
<p>Lots of empty rooms here.  These Nazis aren&#039;t much on interior decoration.  Ah, a chest.  And a uniform!  But it&#039;s the wrong size...  wait!  A key in the pocket!  I&#039;ll try it downstairs.  Must remember to change back to my leather gear; I don&#039;t want to confuse those poor Nazis.</p>
<p>Yes, that&#039;s the right key.  This grey uniform should help me out.  I&#039;ll go back upstairs and change.  Time for more exploration.  Here&#039;s a guard I can dodge.  What&#039;s in this room?  Excuse me!  Why, this must be the alarm room.  And that drunken guard said something about a textbook Nazi – take a look at this copy of Mein Kampf.  Naw, I don&#039;t mind watching the alarm.</p>
<p>Actually, the alarm system seems rather warm.  Perhaps some ale will cool it down.  Oh, what a shame!  I seem to have ruined it!  Better get moving.</p>
<p>I&#039;ll just sneak past this guard up to the third floor.  Oh, no...  walked right into this one.  Just have to brazen it out.  That uniform is in disgraceful shape!  Stains!  Stand aside, you buffoon.  Ah, that did it.  These guys are just too regimented for their own good.  What&#039;s in this door?  Oh, nice doggy.  Hmm, that roast boar might be in handy after all.</p>
<p>I&#039;ll make my way back to the kitchen, tiptoeing and changing my clothes like I did on my way up.  If that guard by the stairs grabs me, I think I&#039;ll just deck him. I&#039;m tired of talking.</p>
<p>OK, I&#039;m in the kitchen.  Let&#039;s see, pour a little ale on the coals, let them cool, voila!  Boar for the doggy!  I&#039;ll fill up my stein again; this ale is very useful stuff.</p>
<p>The dog took the boar.  Let&#039;s see – a filing cabinet.  Why, here&#039;s a blank travel pass with a combination on the back.  I&#039;ll have to try that with the vault.  But first, I&#039;ll look around on this level.</p>
<p>Didn&#039;t that drunk on the first floor mention something about some big fellow up here who “can be nasty when he&#039;s sober”?  Maybe this is a good time to stock up on a little more ale – this trophy ought to hold plenty.</p>
<p>Well, one kitchen stop later, I&#039;m back by the art room.  Let&#039;s check out that vault.  This combination on the back of the pass does the trick.  It&#039;s a picture of the Holy Grail.  Now I&#039;ve learned whether the Grail glows or not!  That narrows down the possibility to just one!  Now I know what to look for when I have the chance.  But first to find Dad.</p>
<p>It&#039;s back up to the third floor with my full trophy.  Just as I thought, that blond Nazi can&#039;t hold his liquor – at least after five quarts.  Just a little tap, and SPLAT!  The bigger they are... </p>
<p>Some locked doors...  I bet Dad&#039;s behind one of these.  Ah, wires!  This must be the one.  Now where is that key?</p>
<p>Another Nazi!  I&#039;ll just deck this one.  Hey, he&#039;s tough!  Ow!  Boy, I barely made it.  I hope there are no more lurking in corners.</p>
<p>Ah, here&#039;s the key, hanging from a candelabra.  Odd place, but I&#039;m not complaining.  I&#039;ll just open the door with the wires, and...  Dad!  I was right!  Let&#039;s get out of here.  Around this corner and...  oh.  So they&#039;ve finally gotten smart and issued guns.  That must be the Colonel.  I&#039;ll tell him what I think of him.</p>
<p>He took the Diary!  So much for defiance.</p>
<p>This isn&#039;t much fun.  Neither Dad nor I can move much, tied to these chairs.  Hey, wasn&#039;t this the room with the suit of armor?  If that axe is still loose, I may have an idea.  I&#039;ll just pull these chairs over – whew, hard work.  Ah, that looks like the right spot. </p> I&#039;m glad I left that mark on the carpet, or this would be a very exciting gamble.  One kick to the armor, and we&#039;re free.  This carving looks suspicious...  as I thought, one of the oldest tricks in the book.  Let&#039;s go to Iskenderun, Dad!


Berlin?!? But – OK, you win. Hope aboard this motorcycle.

A checkpoint... but this guard doesn't look too sure of himself. I'll try to bluff my way past. Don't insult me! Let's try the officer traveling undercover line. So, you think secrets are exciting? Let's keep this one between us.

Berlin. These Nazis just don't know how to treat a book. Better get Dad's diary back from Elsa. Oh no! It's the big one himself. Not so big, actually. He seems to want something from me. I'll just hand him this pass. Hey, a signed pass! This could be useful.

On to the airport. We've got to get out of here. Come on, Dad, I know all about flying biplanes. Trust me.

Let's see. APU, tanks on, switch to main tanks, both magnetos, pump up the pressure, open the throttle, ignition! No sweat! We'll be in Iskenderun before you can say...

Messerschimdt! Get him, Dad! Good work! There's another! Uh oh...

They say any landing you can walk away from is a good one. I guess this one wasn't half bad. Come Dad, can't rest all day. Good idea, let's take this blue car.

More checkpoints. But those guards don't waste much time when I show them the signed pass.


The Grail Temple! And Marcus! Come on, let's go!

Donovan! I never did trust that guy. Dad! Why, you... I guess I have to play by his rules – for now.

The first trial. But wait, these rocks look familiar. Dad's Diary – that X should be a spot just between those two rocks. I'll try to go there. Whoosh! Hey! Wow! That was a close call, but I'm through.

Look at all these letters.  I&#039;ll just stick to the ones in the Name of God.  I&#039;m glad I remember how to spell it!  I&#039;d better hurry.

The Path of God. But no one could jump that. Have faith, I've got to have faith. I'll just walk straight across... nothing! But I made it!

The Knight! Alive after centuries. And all these Grails. But I know which is the right one now... I think. Better test it with this holy water... Ah, that's it!

Here you go, Dad. Yes, your quest is over. Elsa, wait! Don't... too late. But maybe I can save her. I'll look down this crevasse.

Elsa's gone, but I can see the Grail... maybe if I use my whip... yes! I've got it! But I've learned my lesson. Here, you've guarded it for seven centuries and more. Sorry about the mess.

Well, Dad, let's go. Dead Sea Scrolls? When will you learn to stop chasing myths and legends?

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