EMI: A Random Rant Page Three

So remember folks, when playing EMI, look at it lightheartedly. Don't be so critical. When thinking of things that are wrong, stop and think about all the things that are right. All the things they got perfect: the sarcastic humour for one, the choice of voice actors, the great atmosphere. It's fun to play, and I think it's great to know that EMI was popular enough to reach number one in sales charts. New fans are always great to speak to (okay, perhaps sometimes annoying in IRC), and you should feel proud that you've loved this game since you were a toddler. We should let Mike and Sean off for letting their creative minds run a little freely. It's hard to follow on another person's work, especially when people are going to slate it, no matter what. What if you were hired to direct The Godfather 4? No matter how well you did, there would be people with issues. Tim Burton has decided to remake Planet of the Apes, and while on this one it probably is a bad idea, he is going to have a hard time getting people to like it. And there, already, is my preconception.

That's the end of my rant now. You may like it; you may not. All these opinions are mine, and mine alone. Feel free to correct me if you feel differently, please. I'd like to hear your comments. Leave any comments here.

All of my rant was written in one long rant session whilst at work. Sorry if it makes little sense, or loses continuity! They were my opinions that came shooting out whilst trying to write a review… I'll get back to my review now, I think…

--James Spafford - but that's Spaff to you!

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