Cooking with Spaff #2 Page Two

You're going to need all this stuff:

1/2 Lb. fuscilli pasta
(But really, use whatever pasta you like.)
1 Can Del Monte carrot
1 Can Del Monte Peas
1 Can Starkist tuna
(small or large)
1 Can Cambell's mushroom soup
2 tomatoes
(small or large)
One ore more bottles of champagne.
(It's Valentines Day, come on!!)

Thumb The Fresh veg.
It's normally at the front of the supermarket!
Thumb This aisle should provide you with most of the ingredients you need.
Thumb This ... is not ... Starkist tuna!
Thumb "Love is int he air!"
Thumb Champagne is sexy... so buy some.
Thumb One is never enough.

First of all... the shopping! This needed to be done first, and so it came to be that an unshaven and badly-in-need-of-a-haircut Spaff headed for Sainsbury's!

Shopping for these ingredients was most enjoyable: only having to head to the tinned food aisle should suit the lazy amongst you. Finding the tomatoes to use, however, may confuse the average student. Remember: they are in the Vegetables section! Ask if you get lost.


Spaff's Culinary Sidebar #1
If you are extremely lazy, your flatmate or parents will probably already have all of these ingredients, and with the cunning use of minor burglary you can reduce the shopping effort to a minimum.

Starkist was an unfamiliar name to me, so I just went home with generic brand dolphin safe tuna in sunflower oil. Tuna, surely, is tuna... though someone yelled at me recently for cooking with tuna that apparently endangered the lives of Dolphins. So remember to steer clear of activists types, especially the female ones, if you have even a slight hint of a conscience.

So far there has been nothing bought to make this a loving Valentines dish, so stock your basket up with as many bottles of Bollinger you can afford, one is never enough! Girls like bubbles, Boys like booze. You can't loose!*

*Entire catchphrase (c)2002 Mixnmojo / LLC

Now, let's cook!

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