Escape from Monkey Island Demo Have you tried these things in the EMI Demo ?

Have you tried these things in the EMI Demo ?

  • Arm wrestle Ignacious Cheese and win?
  • Jump off the cliff by the mansion?
  • Get the dart players to hit everything they possibly can?
  • Get Carla and Otis to join your crew?
  • Chat up as many people as possible?
  • try to get served grog at the Scummbar ?
  • Rename the .lab files in the music dir to .mp3 and listen to them as you would any other mp3 (thanks maximar)
  • Download the binker & smacker software from here , and rename the .lab movie files to .bik and you can watch them!

Tweaks and Things

Undocumented Hotkeys:

Strg+M -Movement Modes
Alt+Q -Exit-Menu
Alt+X -Exit-Menu
O -Open the Map

Command line options of "monkey4.exe":

-cd -start EMI without the launcher
-t -write the "Escape From Monkey Island Dialog Transcript" to "\efmidialog.htm"
-fps -??? (frames per second)
-cdf -???
-l -??? (error)
-w -window mode
-gl -OpenGL mode

Other usefull CFG stuff

Find the efmi.cfg file in the save directory. Edit this using notepad and change the following values as you see fit.

Music volume

Sound effects volume

Turn on voice. 1 is on. 0 is off.

Voice volume speech_mode: Speech mode. 1 is text only. 2 is voice only. 3 is both.

Text speed

Autorun. 1 is on. 0 is off.

transcript Transcipt. Not sure what this is. double_tap_enabled: Not sure about this one either.

Joystick. 1 is on. 0 is off.

Mario mode, up is up, left is left etc. 1 is on. 0 is normal.

Gamma. Not sure how this works.

Follow the arrows to see how to make the demo look even more glorious !

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