LEC has performed thier weekly site update, it includes some new screenshots, ask the team questions, and some other stuff. Check it out.
Of note lately on the LucasArts Company Store is the addition of Pre-ordering for Star Wars: Demolition for both PlayStation and Dreamcast (which includes a free bandana with order), and Jedi Power Battles for Dreamcast (which includes a free keychain and figurine with order). Pre-order goodies, eh? This only makes one wonder when EMI will be available for pre-order, and if it will come with any cool stuff?
I saw over on The Scumm Bar the following news items ! - one that Nvida are reporting that EMI will use transform and lighting, a feature of their Geforce cards.

LucasArts' store are selling CMI at a new reduced rate of $19.95 and are including the 'Monkey Madness' CD with the purchase. 'Monkey Madness' is a CD containing the first two Monkey Island games, originally bundled with LucasArts Archives volume 3. The LEC store will not ship outside of the US.

All this and more at The Scumm Bar

Update: Sorry i wrongly reported that it was a pre-order of EMI on the site. i aologise. however you can pre-order it here

Issue 88 of PC Gamer UK features a double page spread feature about the recent events of LucasArt based fangames. Among which is a interview with none other then yours truly, Matt Shaw! You can see scans of the magazine on The Scumm Bar.