The word on the street is that we'll be receiving our repaired hard drive with all of our files on it in the next day or so. Cross your fingers, as hopefully that means everything will just blink back into existence. Of course by "blink back" I mean "will probably take a day or two of wading through setup pages and file permissions," but that doesn't concern you.

In other news theres a party this Friday. Also this site is pretty cool (thanks Marek).

And of course, as usual, the Mixnmojo Forums are still totally operational and demanding your presence.

It's quite a shame that we're still offline. The drive recovery place seems to have indicated that they can recover everything (see previous update), but as far as I know, we haven't received the hard drive yet. More on that as it develops.

Looking for something interesting to do? Well, Double Fine Action News has received two updates in the last week, talking about Psychonauts' recent appearance on a Discovery Channel documercial about the XBox. We also get some trivia about Nick Jameson, the voice actor providing the voice of Doctor Loboto, and his past work in LucasArts games. Its quite the wild trip, let me tell
you. Marek of Adventure Gamers has pointed out that you can view the XBox show featuring Psychonauts clips, right here.

Special Mojo shocking fact of the day: Remember a few days ago when the venerable Scumm Bar closed its doors "for good?" Well, after numerous pleas and cussing-outs by their fans (and a couple ex-Monkey Island game designers), they've apparently had a change of heart. A visit to their site reveals a very funky flash animation promoting the return of the Scumm Bar in mid-July, with new management. Apparently Gabez is in charge now, and Remi will be merely taking a back seat to help with scripting and occasionally bark orders.

You also might want to check out the recent return of Mojo hosted sites LucasTones (now with a new and improved ringtone-sender script), and the Church of Tim (now with polls!). Any other sites currently left alive are available in the menu to your right. Also, any hosted site webmasters who want their web space back (all are welcome to return. Please do!) should definitely be emailing me pronto.

So, I've tried my hardest to entertain you, but I am spent. It's your turn. Please find some way to entertain the rest of us (That doesn't involve elderly porn, grossly inflating your post count, or the death of adventure games) by depositing some worthwhile thoughts or fart jokes in our Forums. I'm desperate.

We aim to please here at Mixnmojo. By "please" we generally mean "bore and torture," but that's beside the point. While we all wait for our data to return to us so we can upload it and run an actual site again, we've unearthed one of our oldest site designs, from around 1997, to amuse everyone. Anyway, here's an update on our server situation:

The good news is, we just heard back from the disk recovery specialists, and our damaged hard drive can be recovered 100%. That means that sometime in the near future Mixnmojo, its hosted sites, and pretty much the rest of the LFNetwork community will be back on its feet. The bad news (besides you being subjected to Mojo 3's design all day), is that we still have to wait a couple more days for it to be mailed to us. Oh well.

We'll give you more news as we learn it. For now, be sure to check out our fully-functioning Forums. If you're keen on viewing more Mojo's of years past look no further than here.

To anyone who's been around a while, this will sound all too familiar. Our website is cursed. Though that might seem ironic, given that we are "The International House of Mojo," none of us really appreciate it that much. Once a year, or year and a half, something supremely bad must happen to our site, causing it to go offline in a giant ball of flames. First time around we were offline for a few weeks. Second time, we were down for a month. Third time... three months. We're now living in number four. So, what's going to happen this time? Well, who knows. We do know, though, that our former server completely died, and took all of our files and all of the backups of our files with it. Is that bad? Yeah, it's bad. Despite all of this, our primary concern is to stay up and running as a hub for you guys, the bitter masses that are the LucasArts fan community. Even though all our files might have been erased, we're going to stick around to keep you informed. After all, what would your day be without telarium informing you of yet another KOTOR screenshot update? Come on, you love it. Please address all large sums of cash and pity-donations to Jake Rodkin; paypal to jake @