In his capacity as the illustrious guest on the latest episode of the Playstation Blogcast, Tim discusses all kinds of topical Double Fine things, including Broken Age, Grim Fandango, and his favorite text adventure game.

And there's a shoutout for Spaff as well!

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So, if you hadn't noticed, Star Wars is happening. And part of that happening is a new Star Wars: Battlefront game that might not get cancelled before the release date of 17 November 2015.

From the gameplay footage that looks like pre-rendered cut scenes, Star Wars fans will FINALLY get what they've been asking for since 1983 - the chance to play The Battle of Hoth!

The embedded youtube clip below only works for three people, so for the other four of you, here's a direct link to the trailer.

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Nice. After releasing LucasArts games in batches up until now, GOG has abruptly put out a single game today, but it's a good 'un: Afterlife, Mike Stemmle's satirical, overly-complicated but very much underrated take on SimCity that assigns you the task of managing Heaven and Hell for the denizens of a planet called The Planet.

Missed out on the game back in 1996 like some sort of uncultured hick? You need only fork over $5.99 to join the prestigious group of folks who have played Afterlife. Don't forget to type "SAMNMAX" (caps necessary) three times for the lagomorph's obligatory cameo.

Go get it.



But still, it's nice to see Spaff is still working.

Tim sort of recently announced that our very own forefather James "Spaff" Spafford has joined Double Fine to be Community Manager, meaning he'll be banning people for bad behavior the same way Remi bans people here for failing to pay him not to. Dude's clearly been busy, so it's no wonder he hasn't been able to help us regain access to the Mojo domain.

But no, Spaff, seriously. We need access to our domain. :~

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Eurobricks member Vitreolum has lovingly recreated Monkey Island's Guybrush Threepwood and Largo LeGrande in LEGO. Click through for more images.


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Brian Moriarty's postmortem on LOOM that he presented at GDC 2015 is now available to view in the GDC vault.

Our very own curator of all things cut and changed from LucasArts and Sierra games, ATMachine, has captured three of the images from the video and corrected the aspect ratio (as the images in the presentation were cropped, meaning the original rooms must have been even wider). He has presented them to you in the most authentic manner possible.

These images are from lost rooms in Crystalgard. They include an alternate shot of the outside of Crystalgard, the hall of mirrors with the Chromax Conundrum, and the infamous lost room with the three sandglasses.


Source: ATMachine

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