Young Indiana Jones and the Missing Links 11 Apr, 2008, 15:26 / 0 comments

I don't know what a lot of people think of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, but my general opinion is that they were pretty good with some excellent stories, but they didn't really capture the feel of the movies.

The show was cancelled after just two seasons, although there were always plans for a third series that would make the show feel more Indy-like. A few of these stories got made into TV movies, including 'Treasure of the Peacock's Eye' and 'Phantom Train of Doom', two of the best and most filmic stories (the latter even had Paul 'Belloq' Freeman in it).

The rest of the episodes had only vague plots outlined... that is, until now!

Young Indy meeting Abner Ravenwood and searching for the Ark together? Indy becoming friends with Belloq and discovering a Crystal Skull and a Lost City? Indy having a fantasy where he's five inches high and rides a goose? Damn, I want these made!

Check it out!