You'll feel like you could....TAKE ON THE WORLD! 04 Feb, 2009, 23:22 / 2 comments

A Maniac Mansion fan named Mark sent me an e-mail linking to a site called, which features a bunch of free, printable designs that can then be folded to make cube-shaped paper toys in the likeness of characters. What is one of the characters that they offer? Why, none other than Purple Tentacle, everyone's favorite mutated villain bent on world domination.

Update: As Giygas points out in the comments, this isn't the only Mojo-related character available. The site also has Sam & Max, Strong Bad, and Indiana Jone toys waiting for you to download!


  • xChri5x on 05 Feb, 2009, 12:14…
    ...and SCOTT PILGRIM!
  • Giygas on 05 Feb, 2009, 01:26…
    They also have Sam, Max, Strong Bad, and Indy.