You, me, and the Telltale community 17 Jul, 2007, 23:46 / 4 comments

In a recent article MediaRights explores the marketing aspect of all types of digital distribution, and the importance of companies to maintain an active relationship with the communities built around online delivered products. Naturally, Telltale Games was a focus of the article, and Emily Morganti describes for them some of the ways the company keeps fans close:
Telltale Games creates an identity around the video game character Max from their popular serial game Sam & Max. The character, originating in comic books created by Steve Purcell, is an amusingly sarcastic and opinionated rabbit. Telltale has created an entire website around this character called Max for President, which follows from the plot of the game as the character Max becomes president in the first season. Morganti made it very clear that to keep the character authentic, they worked very closely with Purcell to see to it that his vision for the character remained in tact. In fact, she says the content on the Max for President website is "a lot funnier and more genuine than it would have been if it were just written by the marketing team."
Find out exactly how you were manipulated by reading the rest of the article.


  • fov on 18 Jul, 2007, 07:13…
    Max is weighing his options and biding his time. He has very savvy political advisors.
  • fov on 18 Jul, 2007, 07:15…
    Also that should have been a response to Hero's response. Ironically enough, it would seem I don't know how comments work.
  • Udvarnoky on 18 Jul, 2007, 16:45…
    Man, after that flub I feel somehow detached from Telltale's family.
  • hierohero on 18 Jul, 2007, 04:37…
    Emily forgot to mention how Max on the issues and Max's campaign trail still haven't been updated :)