You like AVS concept art 08 Feb, 2009, 05:40 / 2 comments

Which is why you should be appreciative of something that The Pumpkin Post reported on a few days ago, namely that Autumn Moon artist Jean-Louis Sirois (who also is the party responsible for those regular and splendid Autumn Moon holiday cards) has updated his blog with some concept art from A Vampyre Story. In addition to some character sketches are three pieces of background art that were only visible in-game during cutscenes in compressed FMV form.

See it all, and be amazed! And maybe even get a slight tidbit about a character or two that may appear in the sequel.


  • Kroms on 08 Feb, 2009, 06:40…
    Well, at least the art is always good on a Tiller project.
  • Udvarnoky on 08 Feb, 2009, 17:02…