Yet Another Jim Tso Interview 11 Dec, 2002, 16:21 / 2 comments

Jim Tso, LucasArts producer for the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, has been interviewed yet again. IGN discusses the game's attributes with said producer and showcases some new screenshots. Here's a quote:
In terms of mission design, we wanted a fast-paced game with a good variety of things for the player to do. There's a lot of hand to hand combat, ranged combat and navigating around the environments. To a lesser degree, there are also the traditional puzzles and traps that Indy fans expect.
The new screenshots are pretty cool, so be sure to stop by IGN.


  • Remi O on 11 Dec, 2002, 19:19…
    I also believe this is a new trailer.
  • QueZTone on 12 Dec, 2002, 01:18…
    oh boulder action! and that whip-use to pull the guy to himself and then knocking him away looks pretty neat :D