Wootfly, don't bother me 24 Nov, 2010 / 1 comment has put up the first of a two-part video interview with Tim Schafer. It won't kill you to watch it, and I'll kill you if you don't. Prudence dictates going with the not me killing you choice.

Also, there's a small page for Stacking up on the Double Fine web site, featuring six screenshots and a brief overview of the game. It verifies the possibly well known fact that Lee Petty (Brutal Legend art director) is the project leader for this one, which is the second of the four Amnesia Fortnight games to be published by THQ.

Anywho, we'll have those screenshots nice and stolen just as soon as Zaarin adds Stacking to the database (thx!), but in the meantime you can do the noble thing and wreck Double Fine's own bandwidth.
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    Kroms on 24 Nov, 2010, 04:24…
    wootfly also put up interviews with Ron. I'd link, but my net connection's currently a little toooo slow.

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