Willow series officially greenlit, will film next year 20 Oct, 2020 / 6 comments

Those maniacs actually did it! A Willow series is headed for Disney Plus. Here's the press release:

The enchanting world of “Willow,” created by George Lucas, is officially coming to the small screen.

Disney Plus has confirmed a sequel series taking place years after the events of the original Ron Howard-directed pic is heading into production next year. Howard is returning to the project as executive producer alongside original star Warwick Davis, who will once again play the titular hero Willow Ufgood.

The series has also tapped “Crazy Rich Asians” and “In the Heights” director Jon M. Chu to helm the pilot and exec produce. Jonathan Kasdan (“Solo”) and Wendy Mericle (“Arrow”) will serve as showrunners.

“Willow” the series hails from Lucasfilm and represents the company’s first non-“Star Wars” venture since 2015. The show will introduce all-new characters to the magical realm of fairy queens and two-headed Eborsisk monsters. News of the official greenlight from Disney Plus comes over a year after the project was first reported as coming down the pipeline.

The original film centered on Davis’ Willow, who reluctantly forced into playing a critical role in protecting a special infant named Elora Danan from an evil queen (Jean Marsh). A prophecy told that Elora would bring the queen’s downfall. Willow was helped along the way by a mercenary swordsman, played by Val Kilmer. It also starred Joanne Whalley, Billy Barty and Kevin Pollak.

“Growing up in the’80s, ‘Willow’ has had a profound effect on me,” said Chu in a statement. “The story of the bravest heroes in the least likely places allowed me, an Asian-American kid growing up in a Chinese restaurant looking to go to Hollywood, to believe in the power of our own will, determination and of course, inner magic. So the fact that I get to work with my heroes from Kathleen Kennedy to Ron Howard is bigger than a dream come-true. It’s a bucket-list moment for me. Jon Kasdan and Wendy Mericle have added such groundbreaking new characters and delightful surprises to this timeless story that I can’t wait for the world to come along on this epic journey with us.”

Bob Dolman, writer of the original film, serves as consulting producer, with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy on board as an EP alongside Michelle Rejwan. Howard’s Imagine Television is producnig, with the company’s Roopesh Parekh and Hannah Friedman in place as co-executive producers. Julia Cooperman will produce.

“It’s creatively exciting to not only revisit the world and characters first conceived by George Lucas, Bob Dolman and myself but to see it take flight in such fresh, fun and cinematic ways through the imagination of Jon Kasdan and Team Willow,” added Howard. “This isn’t a nostalgic throw-back, it’s a creative lean-forward and it’s a blast to be a part of it all.”

As I've said before: why the hell not? If Star Wars nerds can get three trillion hours worth of movies and television shows per year, we might as well give the pecks a ten episode pick-up. What a world.

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    Jason on 09 Nov, 2020, 14:11…


    I've never actually seen Willow. Now that it's on Disney Plus, I guess I'll have to give it a watch before the series comes out.

    Sounds like you have just outright Promised a Mojo Review!
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    Jennifer on 03 Nov, 2020, 13:18…
    I've never actually seen Willow. Now that it's on Disney Plus, I guess I'll have to give it a watch before the series comes out.
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    AlfredJ on 23 Oct, 2020, 19:31…


    I for one am awestruck that Willow can generate two -- three! -- comments here.

    Just posting here to blow your mind even more.
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    Remi on 23 Oct, 2020, 16:28…
    I for one am awestruck that Willow can generate two -- three! -- comments here.
  • Avatar
    Melancholick on 23 Oct, 2020, 01:02…
    Fantastic. Now, I just need 'em to get their meathooks sunk into a continuation of the oh-so-excellent Dark Crystal revival, and all will be set.
  • Avatar
    Scummbuddy on 23 Oct, 2020, 00:47…
    It's this kind of commitment that I'm a proud Mojo Patreon.

    And you can too! Ask me how!

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