Willow series cancelled after one season 15 Mar, 2023 / 3 comments

Being that I’m the guy who repeatedly, and only somewhat sarcastically, used the front page to hype up the approach of the Willow television show, it might have been noticeable that I fell silent when the thing actually arrived. Well, Mom always said that if you don’t have anything nice to say…

But hey, just ‘cause the show’s aggressively tropey Young Adult vision wasn’t for me, doesn’t mean it wasn’t for somebody. Plus, you gotta cherish when Lucasfilm puts anything non-Star Wars on its docket. It’s sorta Mojo’s raison d’etre, if I might invoke a little…Portuguese?

So I stand with the bereaved in reporting that Disney/Lucasfilm has given the show the axe rather than allow Jon Kasdan to make good on his outstandingly presumptuous post-credit implications, presumably on the grounds that it didn’t have lightsabers in it. On the plus side, you’re effectively left with an eight hour, live action Willow 2 quasi-starring Warwick Davis, which few people over the past thirty-five years would have called possible.

I’ll also take this time to point out that the show’s soundtrack, featuring compositions by James Newton Howard and Xander Rodzinski when it wasn’t going in for horrific rock covers, is available from all the Mickey-approved platforms in a three-volume digital release from Walt Disney Records. It’s another important precedent for those of us who have our fingers crossed for more official soundtrack releases for certain non-obvious Lucasfilm properties.

Now, dry those tears and let’s get that throwback graphic adventure continuation up and running. May I suggest David Fox?

Source: Deadline



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    ThunderPeel2001 on 17 Mar, 2023, 21:03…
    Doesn't seem as though it's actually cancelled. More like Disney+ hasn't made up its mind, but it definitely isn't happening in the next 12 months. The people I know in the industry ARE complaining that things have slowed down a lot... interesting to hear Kasdan confirm it's an industry wide thing.
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    Jason on 17 Mar, 2023, 12:39…


    It's not as simple:

    Seems a little irresponsible of him.
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    Laserschwert on 17 Mar, 2023, 10:59…
    It's not as simple:

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