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Why aren't you watching Psychonauts 2 being played?!

07 Oct, 2017, 04:18 | Posted by: Remi

I mean, come on! Gameplay! McConnell! Goats! You got this sent to your email, and then you ignored it, didn't you?! Make up for it all by watching it, all now! Exclamation mark!

What does everyone else think about this?

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    Comment by: Call me Squinky | Posted 12 Oct, 2017, 14:39 | Quote
    Seems like it's really coming along! Looking forward to seeing what the new brains are going to be like - glad they didn't spoil any of them in the video!
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    Comment by: shuv-oohl | Posted 08 Oct, 2017, 02:54 | Quote
    I already watched it days before you posted it.

    Looks good, cant wait to play it,hope it gets a Switch release.
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    Comment by: Jason | Posted 07 Oct, 2017, 14:25 | Quote
    Looks like my money is being put to good use. Exciting times.
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    Comment by: AlfredJ | Posted 07 Oct, 2017, 11:27 | Quote
    I'm going out on a limb here and say this game is going to be great. I've liked pretty much everything Double Fine has done, but the real meat for me has always been the big (or mid-size) single player games with a bit of a focus on story. Can't wait for this.

    I agree with what they say in the video about how the mental worlds work better as surprises when you first play the game. There might come a moment where I'm going to have to stop watching these videos, if they ever start showing them.

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