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While we've been somewhat worried about Starbreeze's current financial issues (what with them publishing Psychonauts 2 and all), Tim himself has soothing words for us through

"At a show like DICE, other publishers come by and say, 'Yeah, how's that going? If anything happens, give us a call,'" he said. "With Psychonauts 2 having been high profile and already having a great trailer out there, there would be enough interest in other people funding it and finishing it if something happened. But I've got no reason to believe Starbreeze isn't going to come through and publish it well."

See, it's all good, and going by the previous times in the past years we've been assured not to worry — Trump will never be elected president, Brexit won't happen, etc. — we see no reason for this to go down the toilet either.

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    Melancholick on 27 Feb, 2019, 20:36…
    Cripes. Double Fine really is that sweet friend of yours who you think the world of, but who constantly insists on introducing you to the latest two-star schmuck/schmuckette that they're dating.

    "I've got a good feeling about this one, he seems SUPER nice, right?!"
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    Kroms on 27 Feb, 2019, 16:10…
    Thanks for that, Maxi. A profit margin of "-114.9%" doesn't exactly paint a happy picture.
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    Maxi on 27 Feb, 2019, 09:40…
    For anyone interested, Starbreeze is a Swedish company and as such it's tax declaration is public (as they also are for private individuals)

    A summary can be read online for free here

    or here

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