What do you mean things are slow? We got Walking Dead news, damnit! 20 Aug, 2018 / 1 comment

Actually, yes, there have been some quiet weeks here in the Mojoverse, so why don't we give you a quick update about what you really care about: The Walking Dead: The Final Season Until There's a New One. Specifically, the release dates for the remaining episodes:

  • "Suffer the Children" - September 25
  • "Broken Toys" - November 6
  • "Take Us Back" - December 18

Look forward to (a) Mojo review(s) should anyone actually play the game(s).

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    Scummbuddy on 26 Aug, 2018, 13:16…
    Hey all, remember, there will be Psychonauts news eventually. And who knows what Ron and other devs could be up to these days. We were spoiled with the amount of news this year already.

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