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Way back in 2013, the Lucasfilm classic Willow finally debuted on Blu-ray to sales that dwarfed every Star Wars release combined. About eleven seconds later, it fell out of print, having vanished as surely as a pig beneath an apprentice sorcerer's cloth.

The reasons why remain murky. The release roughly coincided with the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney, so perhaps there were prosaic legal complications. At any rate, the title became a favorite of eBay scalpers, commonly selling for over a hundred smackers on the second hand marketplace only a year after it came out. The situation was sad, bleak, hopeless. We measure the lives lost by the cemetery.

Now, for the movie's 30th anniversary, it looks like this grievance is getting addressed. Pre-order listings for a reissue have begun to spring up on various online retailers. The implication is that you will be able to obtain Willow by disc or by stream for a reasonable price on January 29th, 2019.

And that, handsome gentlemen, is the kind of news we at Mojo proudly risk our lives to bring you.

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    Rum_Rogers on 12 Dec, 2018, 23:47…


    I'd be very, very surprised if they didn't "reboot" Indiana Jones at some point.

    Honestly, I've been waiting for it since forever.
    Harrison Ford IS Indy, but then again, James Bond has been played by several actors, so why not?
    I'm pretty sure it can't get worse than Indy4, and I don't want a Raiders of the Lost Dentures anyways.
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    Kroms on 12 Dec, 2018, 16:52…
    I'd be very, very surprised if they didn't "reboot" Indiana Jones at some point.


    Grim Fandango movie

    It's a little sentimentalist, but Coco comes close. Pretty good movie, too. Pixar's best in a long while.
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    AlfredJ on 12 Dec, 2018, 16:48…
    Ron Howard (who also did the Han Solo movie for Lucasfilm) has been talking about doing something with Willow in the near future. I don't remember if it was supposed to be a movie or a tv show, but Warwick Davies has also talked about being involved again. I haven't seen Willow since I was a tiny child, so I don't remember if it's something worth going back to, but it seems like something's going to happen at some point.

    I'm someone who likes all the new Star Wars movies (to varying degrees), and even after killing Sam & Max/adventure games and making the SW prequels I still have a soft spot for Lucasfilm. But I do think it'd be in their best interest to use that movie studio for more than just Star Wars. I liked Solo (although it was probably the most forgettable of the new movies), but it felt like that movie came out a week after Last Jedi, and I definitely felt like I reached the point of 'too much Star Wars too quickly' already at that point. I prefer thinking of the Lucasfilm logo as being indicative of a story with a certain tone, rather than just being the Star Wars company.

    They're doing Indiana Jones of course, but I can't imagine there will be much more of that after the next movie. I don't necessarily want more sequels to old classics, but new weird stuff like Rango, which still maintained that Lucas-flavor of top-class art direction, would be great. And hey, after they've done a couple of those, the chances of an animated Monkey Island/Grim Fandango movie (and consequently more adventure games) increases as well, which will remain my secret wish until the day I die.

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