Well look who decided to show up 21 Jul, 2007, 23:38 / 2 comments

After months of frustrating silence from the publisher, Dutch site Xbox 360 Only has apparently gotten Ubisoft to "confess" to a few details regarding CSI: Hard Evidence, now confirmed to be coming to the PC, Wii and Xbox 360 this September and probably going to be re-announced very soon.

Enjoy this Babelfish version of the site's writeup which has a Ubisoft-issued list of some of the game's new features, as well as five new, great looking screenshots (unethically archived in Mojo's gallery for your convenience) that show off the game's new streamlined interface. Not sure which version of the game is on display here, but visually things are looking good.

Stay tuned for the actual press release from Ubisoft, which will hopefully be appearing in the near future.

Update: You may also want to check out this new, unrelated description of the game from Ubisoft's web site, listing some of the game's improvements from 3 Dimensions of Murder. "Mid-case quizzes" sure sounds interesting.


  • Haggis on 22 Jul, 2007, 11:04…
    Here's my attempt at a slightly more understandable translation:

    Ubisoft has today announced that they'll publish the game CSI: Hard Evidence for Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. The game tackles the new season of the popular Crime Scene Investigation series and is being developed by Telltale Games. It is a point-and-click adventure game.

    The game is being optimized for use on consoles and thus will have a different interface. The Xbox 360 version shines through having the best graphics and the Nintendo Wii version through the controls. The game is expected to come out in September. Check out the first images and most important features of the game below.


    * Solve difficult cases

    * Crack the evidence and assure an honest and just trial in all 5 new and bizarre crime cases. Unravel the long-running cases, research bigger place crimes and get the unfound evidence on the table.

    * Dive deeper into the evidence

    * Use the masterful and latest tools in the field of forensic research and collect more evidence than ever before.

    * Make use of the latest laboratory, garage, where you can do big tests on for instance cars and trucks.

    * Reconstruct firefights with ballistic laser simulator, bring secrets to light with video analyses and much more.

    * Experience your favourite CSI episode, together with the real CSI actors, collect all the evidence and solve the mystery.

    * The ultimate CSI feeling

    * Experience your own episode of CSI by examining all the tracks, reconstruct the heinous crimes and so solve the different cases. Your research goes further and you dive into the atmosphere of forensic science inspired by scenes from the popular TV show.
  • Udvarnoky on 22 Jul, 2007, 17:24…
    Cool, thanks for the translation!