We review the first episode of The Walking Dead 01 May, 2012 / 4 comments

Hey, look, a timely review! Or it would have been timely had Mojo not died.

Regardless, pretend like you haven't played "A New Day" yet, and read our review.



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    Remi on 02 May, 2012, 01:01…


    Hey, Mojo9 wasn't my fault. Behind Mojo was my fault.

    Funny, that's my excuse too.
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    tabacco on 02 May, 2012, 00:00…


    Hey, Mojo9 wasn't my fault. Behind Mojo was my fault.

    (But thanks for saving me nonetheless)
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    tabacco on 01 May, 2012, 23:59…
    Hey, Mojo9 wasn't my fault. Behind Mojo was my fault.
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    Strayth on 01 May, 2012, 21:47…
    It was completely "casual", BUT it felt true to the franchise. I really enjoyed my first playthrough (was irritated at how pointless the choices are in the second one though so I'll keep in mind to not replay them instantly).

    A thing I did not do in BTTF (it was an insult). Let's not even begin on Jurassic Park.

    The graphics were nice but I think there's a CLEAR lack of polish on some animation sequences, some look great and some look outdated by 10 years. Lack of time I assume.

    The writing was really good, the dialog trees existed and were kinda interesting (I hope they'll have consequences in the future episodes).

    In general, it was really limited I guess, in terms of exploration and "adventure", but unlike BTTF, it didn't feel like a limitation but part of the story. Which is great.

    I just don't agree with the final words :

    ""A New Day" is an appropriate title, then, as it might just be time to forget those horrid Universal games, and give what looks to be Telltale's best franchise in quite a while a go."

    That is just true.

    " I personally preferred playing the Xbox version -- the graphics look lovely on the big screen,"

    No they don't. They just really don't, the textures are sub par and low res, so it doesn't look "lovely". It's still having a nice style, but that's it.

    and the console controls are a bit easier than the keyboard.=>

    Not really, moving is easier, cliking isn't as easy with a joystick than with a mouse, so it's exactly the same kind of experience... and you can play with a pad on PC BTW.

    And for heaven's sake, save Doug. =>


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