“Wave 2” of Sam & Max figures to sweep away you disposable income 13 Mar, 2021 / 1 comment

You’ve already borrowed against your mortgage to afford those terrific Sam & Max action figures from Boss Fight Studio, so what’s another overextension to afford the next batch? Behold this new tease for “Wave 2”:

It’s been a while since the design for Wave 2 was unveiled, so to refresh your memory its two offerings are supposed to consist of the Rubber Pants Commandos and “Scuba Max” fighting an octopus. This is shaping up to be quite a year for Sam & Max stuff!

Source: Boss Fight Studio


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    Scummbuddy on 13 Mar, 2021, 16:12…
    As someone who has purchased Series 1... I'm not terribly interested in this wave. The octopus is okay but I don't need the diaper crew in my display. A convertible DeSoto (?) car or maybe a proper villian from the comic or cartoon maybe.

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