Wallace & Gromit's Grand Preview 22 Dec, 2008, 20:07 / 1 comment

Thanks to a tipoff from AlfredJ in the forums, you should be clicking through to Eurogamer's lovely preview of Telltale's first Wallace & Gromit adventure.
While Aardman gets final say on the script, Telltale's attacked the material with typical enthusiasm, producing a story that encompasses "some new entrepreneurial ideas from Wallace, unintended consequences, Gromit saving the day, Wallace saving the day (no, really!), dastardly villains, colourful locals, romance, kidnapping, chase scenes, camaraderie, and Wensleydale", says Grossman. We're also promised all manner of new and loony contraptions.
Go, go, go!


  • The Tingler on 23 Dec, 2008, 09:18…
    Excellent, that's me reassured... but when?