Vote for Brütal Legend, get laid tonight 09 Dec, 2008, 03:53 / 1 comment

Man, I always knew the secret to getting laid didn't involve being good-looking, funny or super-awesome, or else I'd have been laid years and years ago (back when it was illegal for me to get laid, even!). Turns out that all you gotta do is go vote for Brütal Legend as your most anticipated game of the year. Also, also? That anticipation would mean that Brütal Legend gets a bigger audience. Imagine that. Tim Schafer's words falling upon the ears of the mass gaming public.

It's just, woah. A smart gaming public! And it's all by you! All you gotta do is submit a message saying, "Man, I always thought Brütal Legend was awesome, but I always had it backwards! Awesome is Brütal Legend. I. Am. Pumped," or something like that.

Oh, yeah, by the way: the Double Fine threat level just got updated. It is now an International Ochre, which means "News This Week". I dunno, but Mr. Schafer did throw the word "publisher" in there. That's twice the sex. With Tim Schafer.


  • Kroms on 09 Dec, 2008, 03:55…
    Actually the sex is with a bunch of hot, sweaty models, but I don't see the difference. Although, although: no-one show this to Mr. Schafer's wife, OK?