"Vader" secrets revealed at GDC 30 Mar, 2004, 16:26 / 13 comments

Eurogamer has a bit of gossip they picked up at GDC about LucasArts' rumored upcoming game starring Darth Vader. Here's a clip:
Hopefully the run-up to E3 will show more on the Vader game and shed a great deal more light on LucasArts' ongoing plans to milk unending piles of cash from the greatest science fiction franchise in history.
Read the whole article for the actual story (yes, there's more in the writeup than that little insulting jab). Who knows if this is real or not, but a SW game where you play as Vader would at least be kinda different. Maybe? Barely?


  • Zomantic on 31 Mar, 2004, 09:33…

    Do it for the kids!
  • The Fool on 31 Mar, 2004, 05:48…
    "The Fall of Anakin Skywalker
    A film noir love story."

    Somewhere in the middle of the game you get to play Padma instead! W00t!
  • EyesOpen on 30 Mar, 2004, 21:46…
    Lucasarts should drop this FPS nonsense, and cut right to the chase - an on-line "SimVader". Just think of the possibilities! Dress up the Vader's! Bring the Vader kids to school to learn the force choke!
  • spaff on 30 Mar, 2004, 19:20…
    it would be fun i imagine to be darth vader in a game, but unless the game has a little more design hat just 'OMG I'm darth vader OMFG force choke' it will be fucking terrible.

    on another note why are we reporing on this fucking shit? who cares.
  • Jake on 31 Mar, 2004, 03:46…
    I thought there was nothing else to write about, but then IGN posted that Psychonauts thing. ?
  • Metallus on 30 Mar, 2004, 18:14…
    Obi-Wan 2! I can't wait.
  • ZeroXcape on 30 Mar, 2004, 18:07…
    can you imagine the meeting where someone actually proposed this game?


    - five minutes of silence-

    "we could make a game where you try to help the rebels escape Hoth, and you have to pilot a speeder in an attempt to hook the legs of AT-ATs?"

    - another awkward five minute silence -

    "how about a 3d shooter where you are Darth Vader?"

    "GREAT IDEA! This will be a major project. Let's prepare for E3!"

    - meeting ends -
  • Sheriff Gringo on 30 Mar, 2004, 17:20…
    I enjoy this line from the article:

    "The Star Wars games portfolio is looking somewhat anorexic at the moment"

    Funny, I'd always thought it was more of a greedy fat bastard, eating up innovation and originality to sastify its YEARNING, ENDLESS HUNGER!@!@@!1'
  • Shanty on 30 Mar, 2004, 16:39…
    No! Be strong, fight it! Star Wars bad!
  • Jake on 30 Mar, 2004, 16:59…
    Star Wars isn't bad in and of itself. 95% of Star Wars games are bad, and 2.5/5 of the Star Wars movies are bad. That's all :)
  • Shanty on 30 Mar, 2004, 17:27…
    No! Be strong, my brother!! Four legs good, Star Wars bad, or similar! Viva la revolution!
  • Shanty on 30 Mar, 2004, 17:40…
    I guess I meant revoluci?n there. Sure wish we had our edit buttons back.
  • Remi O on 30 Mar, 2004, 16:38…
    So what will it be... [insert successful generic third person shooter], but with Darth Vader instead of [insert hero of said game]?